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04_20 Render for EXT VIEW FOR BOARDS SMA
Model 7.jpg
Model 1.jpg

Exterior view

Model 8.jpg
Model 5.jpg

Formal investigation


04_23 linework for long section AGAIN v3


Model 3.jpg
Model 4.jpg
04_23 Plazas Up Diagram FOR BOARDS.jpg
Model 6.jpg
030117 Plaza to library diagram vertical

Plaza and library | Programmatic parallels

Formal investigation

04_23 Cross Section for BOARDS.jpg
04_14 Conceptual DRW plazas up v2.jpg

Academic Work

Columbia GSAPP 2017

Instructor Mimi Hoang, nArchitects

Site: Brooklyn, NY


Verticalization of the plaza | concept

The NYC grid is often broken by diagonal streets and avenues, which create a number of triangular lots, variable in size. If some of them came to house iconic buildings, like the Flatiron Building, many others became undesired spaces, a condition that increases as the size of the lot diminishes. Very little is needed to transform these sites into urban hubs, attracting public in and generating new social relations. As they receive greenery, benches, statue, fountain, bike rental station, for example, these lots become urban plazas and social collectors.

Taking into account that the site is exactly one of those lots, this project  appropriates the qualities of the surrounding plazas and of the site itself both in morphology and in program.

Triangular plazas inform the floorplans, which shift among themselves in plan and section, in an open ended system that generates the overall envelope and its apertures. In regards to the program, the elements of urban plazas are used in a reinterpretation of the role of the library. If the benches, sculptures, greenery, gazebos, tables etc in plazas have the ability of changing the behavior of the public, what parallels could be proposed with the elements that compose the program of the library?

Bookstacks, Plazastacks understands that the site, together with Albee Square, has great potential for becoming an important social hub, as the library becomes itself a public plaza, using its own program to reread and multiply vertically the triangular plaza’s magnetic qualities.

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